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Thank you! As a creative design team, we don't exist without the challenges presented to us by your design needs, and we are here to serve you, the client. It is our mission as a creative design team to produce work that exemplifies the highest level of design, creativity and integrity for ourselves and our clients. Thus, every project upon which we embark will be met with professionalism and our utmost efforts.

We will meet with you to go over your project needs and assess the requirements of your project, your objectives, your budget and timeline. You'll then be provided with an estimate of costs which you must approve before we begin. Typically, we will then begin by designing at least three concepts or "comps" which we provide to you either digitally or as desktop printouts. From this point, with your feedback, we further refine the concept and hone the design to meet your objectives. Our price estimate assumes three proofing rounds, and we're confident that, within these guidelines, the finished design will exceed your expectations.

We work with several outstanding vendors involved in the digital, marketing and printing industries. Our list of approved vendors includes color separators, offset printers, digital printers, exhibit and display firms, construction firms, illustrators, photographers and various other vendors as each project requires. Our time involved with each vendor is on your behalf and is considered "vendor coordination." Our vendors have various output sytems and requirements and we are knowlegable in all of those systems. Choosing your own vendor outside of our preferred vendors may require additional time to update ourselves on that vendor's system requirements.

Before starting your project we will work with our outside vendors and prepare an estimate of costs. However, we do not guarantee any outside vendor's cost and our vendors will usually bill you direct. You will be responsible for setting up credit with the vendors and for all payments due.

We're quite proud of the work we create, and we invite you to call us to arrange a time to come in to find out how refreshingly different the Graphx experience can be.

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